Congratulations to  Virginie

she gave birth to a pretty girl, Emma on 16 08 06 at 4h54, with a weight of 3 kg

Virginie Chambost received the Carrefour des commnunautés du Québec Prize for Youth Excellence

IMG_5586_000Created in 2005 by Carrefour des Communautés du Québec (CCQ), this Prize recognizes the excellence of young people in their field who represent perfect examples of integration, motivation and perseverance.  An amount of $1,500 is granted to the winner. For the second time, a member of the Chair receives this award.  In 2006, the prize was awarded to Ilich Lama Bustinza (nécessaire? when the Royal Bank of Canada was the donator).  Since last year, Ms. Pierrette Wong, Founding President of Italwong Fashion Inc., is the donator, showing her interest for the youth.  During the Gala, Mr. Faris Faris, President of Groupe Almassa International inc. and also President of the 2008 Gala added $1,000 after listening to Virginie’s presentation.  Professor Paul Stuart was presenting Virginie to the audience.

The prize was given on Saturday, November 1st 2008 during the 8th Carrefour Presentation of the multi-cultural Medals of Art, Trade & Professions at the Windsor Hotel.  In the picture shown here, Ms Yolande James, Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities giving the plaque to Virginie Chambost.

Previous recipients of the Excellence Prize:

2005: Sami Obaid who has asteroid named after him, Minor Planet (21712) Obaid

2006:  Ilich Lama Bustinza

2007:  Oliver Alexander Cardoso